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Laser tag online shop

All our products can be ordered in our online store.

What Laser tag equipment do we have for Canadian customers?

Laser Tag Guns

Unique laser tag guns.

We call them «Special series». These guns are specially designed for laser tag rent. These guns have the most durable body that is specially made for integration of electronics and optical system.

AK12 LT Predator

MP9 LT Phoenix

Krechet pistol

Military laser tag guns

Most of your military laser tag guns are made from airsoft bodies.

Original series – taggers made from airsoft bodies and recommend for personal use.

Elite – taggers made from most expensive airsoft bodies (in most cases such taggers are made from gas airsoft models). These taggers are enough durable for renting

Steel – taggers made from real deactivated guns  (in most cases AK-series assault rifles and AK-series machine guns). Unfortunately we can’t ship this type of laser tag tagger to Canada.

Practical – taggers that we recommend for renting  (the most reliable taggers)


AK12-LT «Predator» PRO Special series   $298.00

MR-514 TERMINATOR   $324.00

MP9-LT «Phoenix» $282.00

Krechet «Gyrfalcon» pistol special series  $228.00


Assault rifles

AK-74M Berkut Steel series  $512.00

AK-105 Bars Steel series  $529.00

AKM Legend Steel series  $504.00

Colt M4-A3 CENTURION Elite Series  $580.00

Colt M4-A1 «SKAT» Original Series  $514.00

M16-A1 «SAIGON» Elite Series  $499.00

M16-G2 «SWAT» Original Series  $512.00

M16-M203 «SWAT» Original Series  $744.00

FN-F2000 «DIANE» Original Series  $506.00

«AK-BM HAMMER» Steel series  $612.00

«AK CASCADE» Steel series  $764.00

AS VAL «SHADOW» Practical series  $564.00

L85A1 «ROYAL» Practical series  $664.00

Tavor TAR-21 «YAMAM» Original series  $524.00

HK-G36-CV «Bundeswehr» original series  $524.00

HK-G36-KV «Kommando» original series  $544.00

Steyr AUG-3 «COBRA» Original series $544.00

SCAR «RANGER» Elite series $544.00

SCAR «MARKSMAN» Original series $484.00

HK-416 «BERGMAN» Original series $410.51

GR4-G26 «EAGLE» Original series $544.00

M-451 «RECON» Original series $564.00

SR-3M «VIKHR» Practical series $564.00

9A-91 «BULAT» Practical series $424.00

KAC PDW «SEAL» Original series $672.00

ACR «MASADA» ELITE series $564.00

BERETTA «ARX-160» Original series $530.00

AKS-74U «Raven» practical series $454.00

AKS-74U «Falcon» practical series $482.00

AKS-74U «Hawk» practical series $546.00


Laser Tag Pistols

Grach Pistol (Extra series)  $334.00

HITMAN Pistol (Practical series)  $364.00

Desert Eagle (Original series)  $416.00

STECHKIN «APB» Elite series $434.00

GLOCK Original series $418.00

Makarov P M «Steel» series $380.00

PM «PATRIOT» Steel series $390.00

Beretta 92 «TESEO» Steel series $354.00

P-446 «VIKING» Steel series $551.00


Sniper Laser Tag Rifles

MR 512 sniper rifle $344.00

MR-514 CLASSIC $324.00

SVD Titanium – steel series $894.00

SVD-S Hunter steel series $1,032.00

M14 DELTA FORCE elite series $780.00

SVK Rosich steel series $524.00

VSS Vinorez Obereg parctical series $544.00

VSS Vintorez Alpha elite series $450.00

M82-A1 BARRET steel series $744.50

AWP «SPECIAL FORCE» Elite series $644.00

Mauser Elite series $584.00

«REMINGTON» Original series $432.00

VSK Edelweis Original series $501.93

«SL-91A1 REIN» Original series $670.00




Machine Guns

RPK-74M Grad Steel series (Kalashnikov)  $534.80

RPK74-S Armada Steel series $574.80

PKM Typhoon Original series $1,015.80

PKM-D Typhoon Original series $1,113.80

MG-36 Kreuz Original series  $724.00

M-60 «RAMBO» Original series  $724.00

FN Minimi «ESKADRON» Original series  $644.00

MG42 «EMGA» Original series  $1,154.00

ZB-26 «GASHEK» Original series  $990.00


Sub-machine guns (pistol carbines)

INGRAM M10 Steel series  $346.00

PP-19-01 Vityaz  $644.00

BISON Original series  $524.00

MP-5 «WOLF» Original series  $444.00

UZI «STING» Practical series  $374.00

«KRISS VECTOR» Elite series  $990.00

«GUARDIAN» Practical series  $312.00

MP-5G «KURZ» Original series  $444.00

M-4 «Arizona» Original series  $467.00

MR-661 «Drozd» Practical series  $422.00

MR-661 «Griffin» Practical series  $444.00

FN P-90 «KAYMAN» Original series  $433.00



Additional laser tag devices

Control points

Control point

Smart control point

Chameleon control point


Respawn devices

Medkit Plastic

Medkit v5 mobile

SmartKit 2.0


Grenades, mines etc.

  • Grenade
  • Mine
  • Laser tag bomb
  • Explosive device simulator



  • Universal Remote
  • Remote Pro
  • Remote Nano



  • Spider charger
  • Firefly charger
  • Li+ charger
  • Sonar charger
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