The main production capacity is in Smolensk, Russia. Delivery is carried out by UPS.

Depending on the type of laser tag produced, we need from 5 to 25 days for production. Usually about 5-10 days are required for the production of taggers, that we make ourselves (Some taggers are made from airsoft bodies).

10 and more days are required for the production of taggers, that are made from airsoft guns bodies. But in some cases, we have such laser tag guns on our depot.

The customs clearance takes about 2-3 days.

Delivery with UPS to Canada takes 7-10 days.

Orange tips painting usually takes 3 days.

The cost of delivery of two or three rifles with bandages is about 300 dollars.

The cost of delivering a package of 10 rifles and additional equipment cost about $ 400-600.

These are approximate figures. The exact cost of delivery can be determined after confirmation of the final list.

Step by step.

  1. Adjustment the list of equipment.
  2. Making Invoice and Contract
  3. Funds transfer (bank transfer or PayPal).
  4. Production (usually takes 10 days)
  5. Orange tips painting
  6. Shipping (Customs usually takes 2 days, delivery takes 8-10 days)
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