How profitable is the laser tag business in Canada?

If you want to start your own business, then outdoor tactical laser tag is one of the best solutions.
What are the advantages of this business?


1. This business is not attached to a particular place, so usually, you do not need a permanent rent of some location. You can run your games at different locations for different groups of players.
2. But typically, renting some building or some room for laser tag games is not expensive, because there are no special requirements for such premises.
Moreover, if you play in the forest or in abandoned buildings, then you generally do not need to pay rent at all.
3. This business is fully mobile. Therefore, if you are transferring within the limits of one city, then all you need is to transport the equipment.


Business plan

Let’s calculate your profit and laser tag business payback period
Your start-up investments
Package for a full game for 12 people (6v6) costs about $ 5000

Cash inflow
The cost of 3-hour game for one person is at least $25.
Revenue from one game will be $ 25 x 12 players = $300.

Payback Period 
If your investment is $5000, and you get $300 revenue from each game, then investments payback period will be $5000/$300 = 16.66 games.
So, this laser tag equipment will be repaid and start to bring you net profit after 17 games.
If you run only one game a day, then your laser tag business will be repaid after less than 3 week period.
Of course, if you rent some premises for your games and hire some game manager or game host, then the payback period will be a little more. But after all, renting equipment will also not be the only income stream.

Additional Revenue 
You can also earn on:
– photos and videos
– an option playing with special characters (for example, a terminator, etc.)
– some additional services that are often ordered for holidays (birthdays, corporate events, etc.)
– running tournaments.

This business can be the main or additional

If you already have a business related to adventures and attractions, then the laser tag can be an excellent addition to it, which generates additional income.

High player loyalty
According to our statistics, approximately 20-40% of your players will return, and 10-20% will become your regular customers.
Once a week, you can run so-called public game, which will gather everyone who wants to play, and who does not want to look for companions and order a private game.
After a couple of years, such public games usually attract 50+ people.
You can start running tournaments (usually quarterly) and form permanent teams from your regular players.

Easy staff search

Have you ever come across a situation where it was difficult to find someone with a certain qualification?
The qualification or age of the staff is not very important. The game manager should only ensure see that fair play is observed, raise money at the end of the game and distribute flyers.