What equipment does operator need for laser tag games? 
What equipment does operator need for laser tag games? 

Let’s assume that operator plans to involve up to 20 players at once. In this case, an operator needs 20 tagger+headband laser tag sets. If you want to run tactical outdoor laser tag games than we recommend the following distribution of laser tag sets:

– 16 assault rifles
– 2 machine guns
– 2 sniper rifles
– 20 headbands

The following additional equipment is recommended for playing most scenarios:
–  2 simple medkits or 2 smart medkits that will be used as respawn devices;
–  3 simple control points or 1 smart control point + 2 universal control point that will be used as domination points or bases;-
– 1 Laser tag bomb for playing Counter-Strike games;
– 1 Hostage headband for playing special scenarios with hostages or VIPs;
– 1 Universal remote as a game referee device;
– 3 Spider Chargers for charging taggers, and additional equipment;
– 3 Firefly chargers for charging headbands;
– 4 LI+ chargers for charging any headbands, taggers or devices;
– USB Infrared Base for changing additional device settings;

Please read what equipment we recommend in rental business.