What equipment can we recommend for hard rental?
What equipment can we recommend for hard rental?

As a laser tag rental business owner you should understand that all your equipment should be as most reliable as it can be.
We have several types of taggers:

  • – Special series – taggers made from cases that we press to shape from special impact resistant plastic. Such taggers have minimum moving parts and external parts that outlie out over the case’s edges. These taggers have special reinforcement ribs and can’t be easily broken.  Therefore, these taggers are specially designed for rental business. These taggers are not so beautiful and military copy as airsoft rifles, but they have the most important characteristic – extreme durability in rent.
    Now we have several Special series taggers: AK12LT Predator assault rifles, MP9LT Phoenix machine pistol, Krechet pistol and we are constantly developing new ones. All current models can be found in Unique taggers section of our online store.Look our video about AK 12LT Predator and its crash tests.
  • Original series – taggers made from airsoft bodies. We buy airsoft guns from various producers test them and select only most durable ones. Most airsoft cases are modified to fix design weaknesses, for example, if we understand that bolt reloading can be broken than sometimes we fix the bolt reloading mechanism and make reloading with a button. However, despite this, we recommend using these taggers only for personal use by veteran players. Only in personal use, these taggers can be used enough carefully.
  • Elite series  – taggers made from most expensive airsoft cases. Gas airsoft models usually made from the most qualitative material like steel and impact resistant plastic. But these taggers also have a lot of moving parts and protruding parts. That’s why these taggers can be used in rental but with great care.
  • Steel series – taggers made from real deactivated combat guns. We buy deactivated rifles mostly from Kalashnikov factory and integrate our electronics and optics. Of course, these guns are the most durable, but we can’t ship them to North America. Practical series – taggers that were not initially designed for rent but we can recommend them for renting business.