Charger Spider


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DescriptionYou should remember that you CAN’T use the “Spider” charger for charging new RGB-Headbands.

Spider is a unique charging device specially designed for owners of laser tag rental clubs for simultaneously charging a large amount of equipment from a single power outlet. This device will significantly reduce your time consumption.

The spider power adapter is designed for equipment that operates on Li + 7,4 V battery and is equipped with a protection board that allows charging up to 6 taggers, devices or headbands at the same time (Note: Smart RGB headbands cannot be charged with the «Spider”). The wire length of this charger is 4.9 feet (1.5 meters), and the charger itself is connected to the outlet via a computer power plug that is used for home PCs and monitors. This power plug is also included.

The spider has a number of advantages over other battery chargers.

– 1st Advantage: charging time control, current cutoff, overheating protection.

“Spider” constantly monitors the voltage, clearly complies with the “Constant current/constant voltage” charging scheme. Firstly, the battery is charging with direct current to achieve nominal voltage. After that, the voltage is kept fixed and the current falls to 0,01C (where C is the capacity of a battery or a cell). After completion, the power charger is transferred into “trickle charging” mode which means that the charger begins to apply micro-currents, which excludes self-discharge of the battery.

– 2nd Advantage: increasing battery life time.

Because the “Spider” cares for batteries, never overcharges them and does not allow them to significantly reduce their capacity, it increases the total time of power supply service. Formerly the life time of lithium battery was 3+ years, but now the use of the “Spider” will increase it up to 5 years.

– 3d Advantage: Safety.

Gentle charging, protecting the charger from overheating and time control is the basic safety factors. So, you will be able to put the equipment to charge throughout the whole night and be sure that the batteries are unharmed.

– 4th Advantage: an attractive cost.

Combining six chargers in one new device is much cheaper than 6 individual devices.